Sodexo + Wynd: A Better Customer Journey

Published on October 02, 2017

The world keeps changing, and so do consumers’ habits and expectations. In response, Sodexo is using a new omnichannel platform as part of its ongoing effort to meet consumer demands for better and more innovative experiences – including time optimization, convenience and per-sonalization.

Sodexo’s partner for the program is Wynd, an SaaS software editor that supports the digital transformation of points of sale to create new, seamless customer journeys and improve the entire value chain.

The cutting-edge technology allows Sodexo to obtain a 360° vision of the consumer experience, from mobile to table. It can use its enhanced knowledge of consumer habits to communicate better and more efficiently with them, and perfectly tailor its offerings to their individual needs. By having its finger on the pulse of consumer patterns, Sodexo can know precisely what and how much food to order at each one of its restaurants. It can be more efficient and respon-sive, cut back on waste, and facilitate life for consumers while giving them a more personal-ized, satisfying experience day after day.

The program’s possibilities are vast. In addition to developing new services, Sodexo will en-hance existing ones. It can offer reservations, adapt its catering services for particular meet-ings, create made-to-measure loyalty programs, and improve its benefits and rewards pro-grams.

As part of the initiative, a “click and collect” pilot program is currently drawing to a close at three sites in France and the UK, with plans for 17 more. Consumers use the Sodexo app on their smartphones to order food and pay for it in advance, then pick it up without losing any time standing in line.

This program is just one more way that Sodexo is improving quality of life for its 75 million consumers worldwide.