Discovery & Seniorhood

Published on October 19, 2017

At the Quality of Life Conference, some 40 innovative companies presented ingenious solutions for radically improving life during its three key stages: youth, adulthood and seniorhood. These exciting, life-transforming creations use cutting-edge technology and inventive ideas to help people of all ages connect, share, learn, save time and simply enjoy life more.

Inviting Seniors to the Digital Party 

Who says seniors are allergic to new technologies or incapable of using them? The tech world is finally catching up and is increasingly developing attractive solutions that can make a huge difference in seniors’ quality of life by keeping them connected to the world, monitoring their needs, connecting them to services and helping to preserve independence. The goal is to empower seniors and allow them to live full and active lives for their whole lives.

Social Robot

ElliQ, “the active aging companion,” is a social robot for older adults that is currently being tested in California. “She” looks something like a lamp, but has a personality and mimics natural communication between human beings and interacts intelligently with them. Equipped with cameras, she knows what is going on in a room, and if she notices that her owner is sitting too long, might suggest playing a brain game, going for a walk on a nice day or calling a friend or relative. “She’s emotive, she talks, moves and swivels,” says Dafna Presler of Intuition Robotics, makers of ElliQ, “and prompts you to be more socially active, to be more a part of the digital party.” 

Interactive TV

Uniper offers a more affordable solution: a TV box that turns a television set into an interactive personal computer operated with a simple, easy-to-use remote. It can post such reminders as “Time to take your medicine,” for example, or “Don’t forget your doctor’s appointment at 4 pm,” and can alert the user to an incoming call, conducted through the TV set. It also connects users with the outside world by tuning them in via video to a birthday party, for example, or a tai chi class. Users can chat by video or text, make appointments, share photos, order up a variety of services – laundry, cleaning, etc. – and, of course, stay in touch with caregivers. The multilingual system, currently operating in Israel and California, can be customized by institutions, according to co-founder and CEO Rami Kirshblum.

Game Changer for Seniors

Connected Living is a nine-year-old web-based platform and mobile app designed to keep families connected and informed about what’s happening with their loved ones. Now available in 41 US states, it will go international at the beginning of 2018. “We really light up every part of the building,” says CEO Sarah Hoit, “making sure the residents, the staff and the families on the outside know what’s happening and can connect and communicate. It’s an absolute game changer for seniors.” Connected Living offers both online and on-site support and helps seniors to get connected with tablets or large phones to interact with their families. It can also be used by seniors living independently at home and by their families. “We have found that seniors who have devices are logging in nine to 10 times a day,” said Hoit.