Porai Beaven Gwendere

Published on October 19, 2017

Student and Graduate of the African Leadership Academy | Zimbabwe

Porai Beaven Gwendere

Porai Beaven Gwendere is a member of African Leadership Academy’s 2016 Graduating Class and is currently a Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy student at the University of Edinburgh, as a MasterCard scholar.

While at ALA, he developed and exhibited his leadership traits by actively participating in activities such as peer coaching, tutoring and sports. A high point was when his Original Idea for Development (OID) team came first in the 2015 OID Entrepreneurship Festival.

Beaven Gwendere is an affiliate of the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund, a personal and leadership development program for top achieving students in Zimbabwe. He facilitated an entrepreneurship camp for university students and attended the Science, Ethics and Responsibility leadership seminar at Notre Dame University.

He has worked with numerous clubs, departments and organizations including Emergination Africa, Building Opportunity On Student Talent (BOOST), African Careers Network, Circle of Influence Projects Society and Enactus. Passionate about science, agriculture and education, he dreams of combining his interests to reinstate Zimbabwe’s bread basket status.


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