Pedro Tarak

Published on October 19, 2017

Co-Founder, Emprendia and Sistema B | Argentina

Pedro Tarak

In 2007 Tarak co-founded the first B Corp in Argentina: Emprendia, a consultancy focused on strategies and communications around sustainability. He is also a Strategic Counsellor of Guayakí, a beverage firm that includes ecosystem regeneration and social inclusion in its core business.

In 2011, Tarak co-founded Sistema B, a global organization dedicated to new economies promoting the creation of B Corps and ecosystems. Today there are over 300 B Corps in Latin America with collective annual sales of around USD 7 billion. As Chair of Sistema B International and Global Ambassador for the B Corp Movement, Tarak is highly engaged in the movement’s globalization. Sistema B has an alliance with B Lab in the US and was instrumental in the creation of B Lab Europe. Tarak is also a member of the Advisory Council of the B Team.

In 1997, Tarak launched the first Avina Representation in Latin America, in Argentina, and helped start up similar representations in Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia. For six years he was responsible for AVINA in Europe. He prompted the creation of the Latin American Climate Platform and the Southern Cone Training Regional Center for Climate Change and Decision Making jointly with UNESCO.


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