Léa Moukanas

Published on October 23, 2017

Writer and President of Aïda | Lebanon & USA

Lea MoukanasLéa Moukanas is a French and Lebanese writer and is proud to call herself the youngest president of a non-profit organization in Europe.

Born in Beirut in 1999, she published her first novel at age 14, followed by a second one the following year, which became a bestseller on Amazon France.

At 15 she created the non-profit Aïda, named after her grandmother who passed away from leukemia. Its aim is to help children and teenagers with cancer, and to fund research on childhood cancer.

In the past two years, Aïda has raised more than EUR 100,000 for childhood cancer research, helped more than 150 families in France and gathered 300 volunteers aged 8-21 around the cause.


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