Hazel Blears

Published on October 23, 2017

Chair, Social Investment Business | United Kingdom

Hazel Blears

Hazel Blears is Chair of the Social Investment Business, Chair of Salford University Institute for Dementia, and a non-executive director of the Coop Group. She also works with Land and Lakes Ltd., a development company that helps to ensure that local people take best advantage of the financial benefits coming from the planned growth of the nuclear industry around Whitehaven and Anglesey.

Blears worked as a lawyer in private practice and local government for 20 years. She was a councillor on Salford City Council for eight years and was elected as MP for Salford in 1997.

As an MP, she held ministerial roles in Health, Police and Counter Terrorism, and was Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. She led the change to community policing, authored the program Preventing Violent Extremism, and was responsible for housing, planning and community regeneration. Later, as a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee, she led the report on the role of women within the UK intelligence community.


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