Eric Brun-Sanglard

Published on October 23, 2017

Interior Designer, Motivational Speaker and Author | France

Eric Brun-Sanglard

Born in France, Eric Brun-Sanglard moved to Boston at 17, where he attended Emerson College. He went on to pursue a successful career in perfume marketing and advertising in Los Angeles.

A viral eye infection affected his sight, and he became completely blind while he was renovating his home. He decided to finish the project anyway, inventing a system he called “Sensorial Design.” He changed direction and started his own architecture and design company, The Blind Designer, Inc.

He developed and starred in a weekly television show for the network A&E called Designing Blind, where he demonstrated his techniques and showed how you can impact people's lives by redesigning their personal spaces.

After suffering from kidney failure due to his chemotherapy treatments (he eventually received a kidney transplant), Brun Sanglard had to stop his TV show, but a French publisher subsequently asked him to come to Paris to write his biography. Au delà de ma nuit (Beyond My Darkness) came out in 2010.

Brun Sanglard remained in Paris, where he continues his interior design business, coaches businesses, appears frequently on television and gives seminars to architecture and design schools.


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