Published on October 17, 2017

Well-designed technology and innovative ideas can radically improve our lives at every stage, from childhood to the later years. Step into the immersive, interactive Discovery space, and experience over 30 exciting, life-transforming creations and inventions.

In line with its commitment to improve quality of life for all, Sodexo will showcase some of its latest innovations as well as those developed by game-changing startups from around the world.

Ingenious quality of life solutions from empathetic robot companions to virtual reality travel and more!

Check out immersive innovations. Take your senses on a journey to enhance well-being. Meet startups and entrepreneurs focused on transforming the way we live. Don’t miss the Spark Life Contest finalists who will take center stage – pitching solutions that have the potential to improve our everyday life. The five winning projects will be announced during a special plenary awards ceremony.


Digital Solutions


Discovering innovative solutions focusing on three different times of life

Building a foundation for a happy, healthy, fulfilling life

Remarkable inventions and environments that promote connection, companionship and social interaction from the start for the health and well-being of our young people: an open-air kindergarten built around a tree, a robot helping children learn through games, a smartwatch that keeps teens and families in touch, and more.


Changing agriculture and food with urban farming


An innovative approach to gathering student feedback

      Design for America: Shaping the next generation of social innovators           Design for America
Shaping the next generation of social innovators

The invisible made audible


The hero story


Humans are smarter as a group than they are on their own


Simply take control of your food waste


Helping exceptional children live exceptional lives

      Takaharu Tezuka - Fuji Kindergarten          

Takaharu Tezuka - Fuji Kindergarten
The best kindergarten you've ever seen!


Maximizing time, health and connection to be our very best selves

Cutting-edge tools that grant more time, better health and closer personal connections for greater serenity. Meet a companion robot that perceives emotion, try on gloves that power workers’ hands and place an order with an autonomous robot delivering everything from lilacs to lattes.

      Bioservo: Weareable bionic technology - augmentation at work or at home           Bioservo
Weareable bionic technology - augmentation at work or at home
      Boundless           Boundless
Employee designed well-being programs
      Business Travel One-Stop-Shop: Moving business forward           Business Travel One-Stop-Shop
Moving business forward
      Chaterr: Making chatbots come alive           Chaterr
Making chatbots come alive
      Consult Station: A doctor's office next to you           Consult Station
A doctor's office next to you
      Neo-Nomade: Book and access workspaces on the go           Neo-Nomade
Book and access workspaces on the go
      Nexccom: A new experience for customers, consumers and merchants           Nexccom
A new experience for customers, consumers and merchants
      On-Site Services 3.0: User-centricity, Enhanced experience, Leapfrog, Technologies           On-Site Services 3.0
User-centricity, Enhanced experience, Leapfrog, Technologies
      Ooho!: Naturally biodegradable packaging to replace the plastic bottle           Ooho!
Naturally biodegradable packaging to replace the plastic bottle
      Plug & Pay: Smooth payment, seamless lunch experience           Plug & Pay
Smooth payment, seamless lunch experience
      Quality of Life Hub: Transforming the way consumers experience Sodexo Services           Quality of Life Hub
Transforming the way consumers experience Sodexo Services
      Social Robotics: A new welcoming experience with digital services           Social Robotics
A new welcoming experience with digital services
      VR Health & Safety Training: Immersive VR professional applications by Backlight           VR Health & Safety Training
Immersive VR professional applications by Backlight
      Wynd           Wynd
Tomorrow's retail, today


Taking control and continuing to live your best possible life

Groundbreaking solutions providing wellness, independence and connectedness for seniors’ specific needs. Experience easy-to-swallow dishes by a three-star chef, a simple tablet for video chatting and virtual reality travel to the world’s most exotic sites.

      Care Academy          

Care Academy
Online training for in-home caregivers

      Conected Living          

Connected Living
Innovative technologies that allow people to connect and enhance quality of life

      Connected Care          

Connected Care
On-demand caregiving service

      ElliQ by Intuition Robotic          

The active aging companion

      famileo: My family makes news!          

My family makes news!


Help the elderly live grand


Win back the taste of life


Paro Therapeutic Robot
Mental health and social care

      Uniper Care Technologies: Aging in place platform for seniors          

Uniper Care Technologies
Aging in place platform for seniors


Taking the pulse with quality of life initiatives spanning the globe

Spark Life Contest finalists: startups that are transforming people’s lives

Electricity from plant photosynthesis, the world’s smallest sensor for smart buildings, a platform that transfers luggage for the comfort of travelers, noise-filtering earphones for open-plan offices…You’ll find these and other Spark Life awards finalists in the Spark Life Zone. To see them pitch their projects at different times on Day 2, check out the Spark Life Agora.

Accor Hotels, Gares & Connexions SNCF, Le Village by CA, Steelcase, thecamp and Sodexo launched the European Spark Life Contest to recognize startups that can truly transform people’s quality of life for the better. Months of anticipation will culminate in the announcement of the five Spark Life Contest award winners during the Quality of Life Conference.

Spark Life Contest: A European challenge on quality of life²

      Bioo: Electricity from plant photosynthesis          

Bioo at 10:55 (GMT+1)
Electricity from plant photosynthesis  at10:35 (GMT+1)
Workplace management SaaS for smart organizations
      Disruptive Technologies           Disruptive Technologies at 11:05 (GMT+1)
Sense the real world everywhere, Deliver Insights anywhere
      eelway: Luggage freedom           eelway at 10:25 (GMT+1)
Luggage freedom
      Orosound: Listen to the sounds that matter, tune out the rest           Orosound at 11:25 (GMT+1)
Listen to the sounds that matter, Tune out the rest
      Smunch: Happy teams lunch together           Smunch at 11:15 (GMT+1)
Happy teams lunch together
      Ween           Ween at 10:45 (GMT+1)
Make all living spaces autonomous



• Opening of the agora: Ayo Akinwolere

• OECD Better Life Index: Anthony Gooch

• Fuji Kindergarten: Takaharu Tezuka



What matters most to people around the world? In response, the OECD will present its Better Life Index, an interactive tool where people can compare well-being in different countries based on 11 important topics covering material living conditions and quality of life: health, education, housing, safety, environment, civic engagement and more.

You can check out their pitch at the Agora. Then you’ll have a chance to test the Better Life Index survey, which more than 100,000 people have taken so far. Head to the OECD area to express your well-being priorities, see what matters most to people in different parts of the world, and compare your region with others.

OECD Better Life Index: Share your well-being with us!



Live a virtual reality experience and tour thecamp, a new generation campus in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France, dedicated to inspiration, education, innovation and experimentation. Inaugurated in September 2017, thecamp brings together professionals, students, established companies, startups, artists, teenagers and children from around the world, inspiring them to become active changemakers. You can visit the thecamp area to get the full experience.

Thecamp: Creating the future



Consult the results of different surveys around quality of life in the Sodexo Surveys area:

Diversity & Inclusion, a competitive edge for business

The quality of life of our consumers: a Sodexo expertise



    International University Lifestyle survey 2017 - Report           The first “International University Lifestyle Report” reveals how Generation Z selects universities, what they value most once they’re there, their common concerns (such as managing stress) and how they prepare for the workforce after graduation.
      2017 Global Workplace Trends           Sodexo’s 2017 “Global Workplace Trends Report” shows that workplace rules are changing with greater connectivity, innovation and uncertainty. Next-generation ways of working are defined by individuality, inclusiveness and techno-literacy. And yes, we can expect to have robots as colleagues.
      Sodexo Five Senses Guide           The “Five Senses Study” is the result of a collaboration between Sodexo and the University of Ottawa Life Research Institute, attempting to better understand the five senses and ensuring sense-sensitive environments for people as they age.


Pepper Robot