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Published on October 25, 2017

1:30 pm - OPENING SPEECH by Michel Landel, Sodexo CEO

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"Humans have always drawn strength from collective intelligence to overcome the challenges they face." Michel Landel, Sodexo CEO

2:00 pm - Six Key Insights Driving the Future of Quality of Life

Six exceptional individuals, from the founder of Barefoot College in India to the first Iranian in outer space, each give a 15-minute talk underscoring the new quality of life needs of a sector of society. Subjects range from students to corporate employees, workers in atypical environments, seniors, patients and citizens.

2:00 pm - Pedro Tarak: Citizens


"Millennials are asking for a new genetics of business, and society in general wants that too. I’m showing results and case studies. You’ll know if you want to be in this generation of companies." Pedro Tarak, Co-Founder, Emprendia and Sistema B

2:15 pm - Anousheh Ansari: Workers in Atypical Environment

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"I believe in being the change you want to see in the world." Anousheh Ansari, Co-founder and Chairman of Prodea Systems, Inc.

2:30 pm - Jane Griffiths: Corporate Employees

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"We can bring authenticity and caring to our workforce, which is empowering and also engaging for the person that we work with." Jane Griffiths, Global Head at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

2:45pm - Sanjit "Bunker" Roy: Students


"We are doing everything wrong, and yet it seems to work." Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, Founder and Director of The Barefoot College

3:00pm - Fredrik Reinfeldt: Patients


"To make prevention work, it must also apply to business life." Fredrik Reinfeldt, Economist and Prime Minister of Sweden 2006-2014

3:15pm - Jane Fonda: Seniors


It isn’t just having had a lot of experiences that makes us wise and happy. It’s reflecting on those experiences that brings wisdom and wholeness and helps us become what we might have been all along.” Jane Fonda, actress, author and political activist

4:15 pm - PANEL DISCUSSIONS – Through Their Eyes: Six Shared Perspectives Driving the Future of Quality of Life

Conference participants will choose to attend one panel discussion focusing on a specific population. Panelists will share perspectives and explore quality of life issues impacting students, corporate employees, workers in atypical environments, seniors, patients or citizens.

STUDENTS: How Innovative Ecosystems in Education Impact the Learning Experience


Speakers include: Porai Beaven GwenderePhilippine DolbeauSanjit "Bunker" Roy, Takaharu Tezuka, Esther Wojcicki

CORPORATE EMPLOYEES: What It Takes to Unlock Employee Engagement

Corporate Panel Header 2.jpg

Speakers include: Dr. Ritu AnandJohn Frehse, David Gram, Jane GriffithsFrances Frei, Mia Mends

WORKERS IN ATYPICAL ENVIRONMENTS: Keeping Workers Connected When the Office is Outer Space

Atypical Panel Header 2.jpg

Speakers include: Anousheh AnsariNick Bostrom, Cheryl Hughey, Juliana Rotich, Captain Eric Malbrunot

SENIORS: Designing Life Through the Ages


Speakers include: Eric Brun-Sanglard, Jane Fonda, Scott FrischLaurence Lien, Dr. Hélène Perrault

PATIENTS: Making the Shift from Curing to Preventing

Patients Panel Header.jpg

Speakers include: Dr. Vincent AttalinLéa Moukanas, Fredrik Reinfeldt, Simon Scrivens

CITIZENS: Citizens Mean Business, and Companies Know It


Speakers include: Fabian Dattner, Marion DarrieutortJon Duschinsky, Pedro Tarak

6:00 pm - ROUNDTABLE – Cities and Residents: Partnering for Progress


Speakers include: Hazel BlearsAbhishek Lodha, Renaud Prouveur, Julie RuskAmalia Zepou



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