Discovery & Adulthood

Published on October 24, 2017

At the Quality of Life Conference, some 40 innovative companies presented ingenious solutions for radically improving life during its three key stages: youth, adulthood and seniorhood. These exciting, life-transforming creations use cutting-edge technology and inventive ideas to help people of all ages connect, share, learn, save time and simply enjoy life more.

Cutting-edge Technology Is Transforming Adults’ Working and Leisure Life

Cutting-edge high-tech tools and robotics are creating safer and more satisfying work environments, easing employee stress and strain, and letting managers make more efficient use of resources. From hand-strengthening gloves that can reduce work-related injuries to one-stop-shops for business travel or digital delivery of everything from lilacs to lattes, technology is changing the face of work and leisure

Adults spend an average of more than half their waking hours at work, yet most consider their jobs to be detrimental to their well-being. Technology can help change that perception and promote a better balance between work and home life.  

Time Saving

Technology can promote efficient time managementWynd is a software editor supporting the digital transformation of points-of-sale and brands to ease the day-to-day business of Sodexo. Through web portal or mobile applications, it can help millionof Sodexo customers make informed choices about what they eat. Want to do some sports, but also eat lunch? Then the Wynd application for pre-ordering food lets you do both. It is about improving the overall quality of life of Sodexo customers and end-users – enterprises and consumers,” said Antoine Deroche, BU Director.

Sodexo has developed Plug and Pay, a time-saving cashier where customers put their loaded tray on a dedicated unmanned platform. It uses different technologies, such as Wi-Fi RFID or video recognition to recognize the food, calculate the cost and automatically charge the customer. “This is an end-to-end solution that accelerates fluidity without hurting the customers’ experience,” said Sebastien Modat, Marketing Director. 

Travel is central feature of international business, but it can be stressful and wasteful. Xpenditure and Maya are user-friendly mobile platforms that put business travelers and companies in overall control of everyday transactions, including expense management, so travelers can focus on their work and quality of life, and not on administrative tasksYou need to unburden your employees. You need a very intuitive, mobile application that is user friendly, especially for the Millennials with their very busy agendas and on-the-go lives,” said Yannick Van Looy, Sales Development Manager, Belgium. 

Life-enhancing Solutions

The “carbon hand” designed by Bioservo offers a life-enhancing solution for people with impaired hand movement, letting them do things that would previously have been beyond them. It fits like a golf glove and is light and easy to use. Next year, the company, which creates "wearable bionic technology" for "augmentation at work or at home" plans to introduce its “iron hand” to be used in labor-intensive tasks. The iron hand will provide strength and endurance when most needed, with increased health and safety. “The iron hand will help prevent strain injuries. It will include extra strength to preserve energy so workers can go home when their shift is over and be able to lift their kids and have a better quality of life,” said Anett Pettersson, Associate Marketing Director.

VR Health and Safety Training promotes health and safety in a kitchen environment by offering virtual-reality training through head-mounted displays. The aim is to avoid the major risks that kitchen workers face, whether they be burns or cuts or muscle strains brought about by moving heavy objects. “This is about accident prevention and making the working environment safer. The example here is the kitchen, but it is extendable to a wide range of activities,” said Bastien Houllé, Manager Business Development.