The 2015 Conference

Through our consumer-centric approach, we constantly strive to find new ways to improve well-being for people across the globe – developing innovative solutions that have a real impact. Indeed, we believe that when the well-being of people is a priority, they perform better, and the benefits are felt by society as a whole.

Our 2015 Quality of Life Conference in New York served as a first step in understanding the growing importance of quality of life in forging new paths for performance. As this trend becomes ever stronger, our second Quality of Life Conference will focus on the future of quality of life and participants will look at measurable and realistic ways to make progress – drawing on individual and collective experiences from across the globe.

Jeremy Rifkin speaking at the Quality of Life 2015 Conference

Arianna Huffington speaking at the Quality of Life 2015 Conference

Our first edition featured keynote talks from Arianna Huffington and economist Jeremy Rifkin, a unique pre-dinner mindfulness session led by Jon Kabat-Zinn, as well as panel discussions with changemakers and the next generation of leaders. Participants and speakers from 30 countries came together for an enlightening two days to explore quality of life as the new frontiers of performance.



The 2015 international event brought together actors from the business community, but also researchers, politicians, opinion leaders and representatives from NGOs who share our convictions around Quality of Life. Among the speakers were: 

See LinkedIn profile →Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

The Huffington Post

Chair, President, and Editor-In-Chief of The Huffington Post Media Group

See bio →Baroness Prof. Susan Greenfield

Baroness Prof. Susan Greenfield



See bio →Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin

The Foundation on Economix Trends

Economic and Social Theorist, Writer, Political Advisor

See bio →Mari Kiviniemi

Mari Kiviniemi


Deputy Secretary-General and former Prime Minister of Finland

See bio →Prof. Jean Jouzel

Prof. Jean Jouzel

French Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission, France

Paleoclimate Scientist, Co-laureate Nobel Peace Prize 2007, Vetlesen Prize 2012

See LinkedIn profile →Ricardo Semler

Ricardo Semler


President of Semco S/A

See LinkedIn profile →Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Center for Talent Innovation

CEO of the Center for Talent Innovation

See bio →Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the Univer-sity of Massachusetts Medical School

See bio →Dr. Kathy Roemer

Dr. Kathy Roemer

Twin Parks Montessori Schools

Executive Director of Twin Parks Montessori School

See bio →Dr. Frédéric Saldmann

Dr. Frédéric Saldmann

Cardiologist, Nutritionist and Writer

Follow on Twitter →Juan Camilo Quintero Medina

Juan Camilo Quintero Medina

Medellin City, Colombia

CEO of the Ruta N Corporation

See bio →Jean Paul Gladu

Jean Paul Gladu

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business