Dr. Vincent Attalin, MD

Published on August 30, 2017

Co-founder and Chairman, Aviitam | France

Vincent Attalin

Dr. Vincent Attalin is a general practitioner specializing in nutrition and sleep medicine. He is also Chairman of a healthcare company called Aviitam, which he co-founded with his mentor, Professor Antoine Avignon.

Early in Dr. Attalin’s career, he became aware of the importance of having a good doctor-patient relationship. He has been passionate about new technologies, notably computer science, from a young age, and felt that technology could improve the quality of health management.

Aviitam is an SaaS platform that seeks to revolutionize the way chronic health conditions are treated, by providing doctors with a Medical Relationships Management system (MRM). This MRM improves doctor access to patient information, aids in the analysis and formulation of treatment strategy and assists in ongoing patient monitoring.


Dr. Vincent Attalin will participate on the Panel Discussion focused on Patients: “Making the Shift from Curing to Preventing” that will take place on October 16 at 4:00 pm London Time.

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